Type 1 Diabetic Moms

Fighting Back!  


 Bringing your child home after being diagnosed is much like bringing your baby home for the first time. Most likely the past few days have been an absolute whirlwind of fear, emotions, and confusion. You were given the education and knowledge to care for your child at the hospital , but now you are home. We have all been there and it can be completely overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you get organized and hopefully make it a little easier:

  • Choose a place in your kitchen to put all of your extra diabetes supplies. Make your child's "Diabetes Station" carefree!
  • Designate an area in a cabinet for fast acting and long acting carb snacks (Tell everyone else HANDS OFF!)
  • Designate a drawer or shelf in your refrigerator for fast acting juice/drinks and medications (Tell everyone else HANDS OFF!)
  • Set an alarm on your phone to go off everyday as a reminder to give your child his/her Lantus/Long acting injection. Some nights can get crazy in anyone's home. Anyone can forget or get distracted!!
  • Download software (such as Recipe Manager). This software is tremendously helpful when you are making a recipe from scratch and need to know the carb count per serving.
  • Teach everyone in the house how to give a Glucagon shot. Have quarterly "inservices" for those who would be giving a shot. It's easy to forget how to do something if you have never done it!
  • Put up a dry erase/cork board in your kitchen for emergency #'s, dates to remember, food doses, correction doses, etc.
  • Post your child's A1C progress.
  • Order "cool" ID bracelet and diabetes supply bag for your child. Start the habit now! Never leave home without them!!
  • Reach out to us or other parents! It really does help to talk to others who are going through it.
  • Never hesitate to call your physician at any hour! If your child goes to Riley Hospital, they are wonderful. There is never a dumb question and the hour is never too late to call!

To the left: Dry erase boards/cork boards for appointment date reminders, A1C progress, emergency contact #'s, Pump site change schedule, dosages (for people that inject and in case of pump failure),Diabetes Supply company contact info,etc.

Below: Diabetes Station- Blood sugar log book, Sick day management book, diabetes supplies, short and long acting snacks, travel bag, extra ID bracelets, etc.