Type 1 Diabetic Moms

Fighting Back!  

Going on vacation? Let me tell you, the first time you venture out on a vacation can be a little stressful with a Diabetic. Create a travel checklist, check off each item as you pack it, and leave it out until you are ready to walk out the door.  If you will be flying to your vacation destination, you may want to get to the airport even a little earlier. Alert airport personnel that your child is a diabetic and you have a bag with his/her medications. If your child has an insulin pump, request a manual check instead of going through the scanner. Scanners and Metal detectors can interfere with some pump's performance. For other questions regarding flying, check out this website: http://www.tsa.gov/traveler-information/passengers-diabetes

Your child's first day back to school after diagnosis will be stressful for you both. But there are things you can do that will ease that stress. Call the school nurse when you get home from the hospital. More than likely, the hospital has notified the school that your child will be requiring special care. Make an appointment to meet with the nurse and healthcare assistants at your child's school the day before he/she returns. The nurse will ask you many questions about your child's care regarding blood sugar checks, insulin dosages, how to treat highs and lows, whether or not to snack before gym, after school blood sugar checks,etc. Bring in bottled water, juices, fast acting and long acting carb snacks, a Glucagon kit, extra meter to be kept at school,  testing supplies, contact info (for you, your spouse, child's physician,etc). You can request that the school nurse email you your child's blood sugars from that day. Have a plan if your child's blood sugar is too low to get on the bus after school. If you work, who can they call? Also, inform your child's school bus driver that he/she is a diabetic. Either have a fast acting carb in your child's backpack or give one to the bus driver to keep on the bus.